Blog | Enthusiast Series: Ecuador Jaime Cartuche Pink Honey

Published: June 29, 2022

This summer is bringing with it a series of high-grade single origin coffees to Coffee Project NY. The fourth in this Enthusiast Series is a pink honey Typica from Jaime Cartuche at Hacienda La Papaya in Ecuador.

To the average coffee drinker, breaking through the barrier of information can feel like an impossible task. And coffee processing, for those who missed their bean-to-cup training or the SCA Introduction to Coffee survey class, is often at the top of the list of Coffee Things I Know Absolutely Nothing About, alongside the definition of “double ristretto.”

Before we dive into this coffee, let’s to clear up some of the jargon to reach a concise, and hopefully effective, overview of what the terms on coffee bags and websites actually refer to.

After harvest, each coffee cherry is prepared in some way before it’s dried to cure the bean inside. To enhance certain flavors or characteristics, some specialty farms and cooperatives prepare coffee for drying by some kind of fermentation or maceration process, which can vary by any number of factors we won’t get into. After this stage, most drying practices adhere to one of 3 methods: the natural process (drying in the full cherry), the honey process (drying with the cherry removed), or the washed process (drying with the cherry removed and the sticky mucilage washed away). Most coffee producers practice some combination of fermentation, drying, and deciding when in the process to remove the cherry.

An overhead shot of coffee bags, beans, brewed coffee, and a Chemex.

Coffees that have a pink honey process, such as this Jaime Cartuche Ecuador, are fermented anaerobically with water inside sealed tanks, then pulped to remove the cherry before drying in a honey process. This method gets its name from the color of the coffee after fermentation, which is naturally dyed pink from the ripe, red coffee cherry absorbing into the protective outer layers of the bean.

The pink honey process results in coaxing out a coffee’s punchy, fruity and sweet characteristics. Since this coffee is a clean and floral Typica varietal, the pink honey process highlights its underlying sweetness while balancing the floral profile with more fruity acidity.

This pink honey isn’t the only coffee at the Hacienda La Papaya, however; the farm in Loja, Ecuador is notorious in the competition coffee world for being used by first-, second-, third-, and sixth-place winners Kay Cheon, Cole McBride, and Tony Querio in U.S. national barista and roasting championships since 2016. Hacienda La Papaya, with its consistent reputation for excellence, sells its coffees by direct trade at Cafexporto.

Lovingly roasted by our team in Long Island City, the Jaime Cartuche Pink Honey has well-balanced tasting notes of orange blossom, honey, and dried apricot, with a floral finish.

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