Blog | Around the World in 12 Days: Brazil Catucai 2SL, Claudia Maria Carneiro Bustamante

Category: Holiday Coffees

Published: November 17, 2022

Brazil Catucai 2SL, Claudia Maria Carneiro Bustamante

Producer: Claudia Maria Carneiro Bustamante
Farm: Fazenda Pedra Preta
Region: Mantiqueira de Minas
Varietal: Catucai 2SL
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1180 MASL

Claudia Maria Carneiro Bustamante is a fourth-generation coffee producer at her family-run farm, Fazenda Petra Preta. A businesswoman and lawyer turned farm manager, Claudia discovered a passion and dedication to coffee and her family’s history while growing the crop.

The farmland this coffee was grown on was purchased in 2016, rehabilitated, and successfully reestablished as a high-performance coffee farm. This coffee was harvested, rinsed, and sorted on the same day, and naturally dried on concrete patios before being moved to a humidity-controlled drying space.