Do you serve non-dairy milk?

Yes! We have oat, almond and soy, sweetened, sometimes vanilla, sometimes original, depending on what’s available in the market.

Do you accept credit card? Any minimum?

Yes to credit card, no minimum. And we accept AMEX, VISA, MASTERS and SAMSUNG & APPLE PAY (Let’s try to keep it simple).

Do you have WiFi?

Yes!! On weekdays, we have some designated area for people who are using laptops. On weekends & federal holidays, we have a no laptop/tablet policy, and we are pretty strict about this. Sharing table is strongly encouraged, make some new friends!

Any Gluten Free and Vegan pastries?

We are proud to serve some awesome organic vegan, and/or gluten-free baked goods. sourced from local bakeries.

Do you have de-caf?

Yes, we do.

Do you use any other milk for the “projects”?

Sorry, projects have been profiled as-is with whole-milk therefore we don’t substitute the milk. It is meant to showcase the chemistry between the coffee we serve and this award-winning low-temperature pasteurized milk. However, for your preference/dietary needs, we have non-dairy milk espresso-based drinks made with the same amount of love .

Do you accept reservation?

We are pretty casual, we do not take reservation.