Virtual Corporate & Team Building Event Packages
Isolation doesn’t have to be so isolating anymore.

We believe everyone working from home should have access to the same standard of social participation and healthy office culture as ever. Hosted remotely by Coffee Project NY, our team-building events offer the opportunity to stay connected with your coworkers safely from home.

All events take place remotely, run approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes, and come with a custom discount at our online store.

Package 1: Happy Hour
Our Happy Hour is a casual forum to hang out and learn some simple tricks to make your coffee at home taste better. This includes a coffee-making demonstration, coffee trivia, and personalized coffee brewing tips. We’re basically Bill Nye, but with coffee and a Zoom link.

Package 2: Coffee Tasting
Taste coffee from around the world without leaving home! This is a guided, hands-on coffee tasting lesson, complete with supplies mailed right to your team’s doorsteps. We offer Basic and Premium plans for our Coffee Tasting package.

  • Basic Plan: set up a tasting table and discuss how to identify simple differences in species, process, grade and roast. Think of this as an introduction to coffee tasting.
  • Premium Plan: set up a tasting table and discuss how to identify high-grade specialty coffees from Africa, the Americas, and Asia, by their regional attributes. This package includes tasting aids and extra goodies, along with our very best coffees, for everyone in the group.

Other Options
Specific concerns? Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact us for any type of company event you have in mind - our team is happy to accommodate your team’s needs. Let us know what you’re thinking in the form below.

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