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History of New York City Coffee
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Specialty coffee has definitely arrived in New York City. Shiny espresso machines and pour-overs have been sprouting up in each of the city's neighborhoods. Yet underneath those shiny new storefronts, layers of New York City coffee history wait quietly to be discovered. At one time, one third of all of the world's coffee passed through the ports that now make up the Financial District, a phenomenon that gave birth to the first attempt at regulating the trade of coffee: the Coffee Exchange of the City of New York in 1882.

This class will take you from those ports to our current moment of single origins and flat whites. This is a story of young upstarts, evolving tastes, capitalism--always, capitalism--followed by a long hibernation from which we have only recently awakened. Along the way, you will receive a delicious, crash course in coffee tasting.

About K.A. Keener:

K.A. Keener, founder of NYC UnderGrounds, a neighborhood guide to coffee, has been leading coffee tours of New York City for the last four years.  She originally began as a coffee roaster in Indiana before moving to NYC to become a high school English teacher.  She co-hosts a monthly Coffee Hunters meet-up group with Angels' Cup, the coffee subscription service.  She believes that, with just a little bit of knowledge, coffee can open the door to mindfulness and community.

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